The Seasonal Lakes of Pivka

The Seasonal Lakes of Pivka Nature Park is situated in a basin which is home to bora (burja), a violent cold northerly wind of the Adriatic. The natural and cultural heritage is presented in its most beautiful forms where water, rock and man intertwine.


After heavy rainfall, Karst depressions fill with water and intermittent lakes emerge; therefore, they are called seasonal. The Pivka region is covered with 17 seasonal lakes, the large number of those is what makes them unique. Their mysterious disappearance into the karstic underground world in summer gives way to marvellous meadows covered with fragrant flowers, colourful butterflies and bird song.

The variety of species in the region is very large, as researchers have found there are 182 plant species, 211 beetle species, 106 species of butterflies and 133 bird species. The area is also an important habitat for large carnivores, e.g. bears, wolves and lynxes. Moreover, one can find some specimens of endangered or even extinct plant and animal species there as well.

Ecomuseum of the Seasonal Lakes of Pivka

The Ecomuseum of the Seasonal Lakes of Pivka uses interactive and interesting methods to present an area that is one of the most diverse in plant and animal species.

You are kindly invited to join them and visit the Petelinjsko jezero Lake, which lies only a half an hour’s walk from the ecomuseum.

Ekomuzej Pivških presihajočih jezer
Slovenska vas 10
6257 Pivka

+386 (0) 31 775 002





The Park of Military History

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