Snežnik Castle

Snežnik Castle is a 13th-century castle located in the southwest part of the Lož Valley near the settlement of Kozarišče in the municipality of Loška Dolina, Slovenia, 36 km from Postojna town. Its name is coincidentally identical to a univerbation based on the Slovene word sneg ‘snow’, but is actually a Slovenized form of the name of the noble house of Schneberg, whose possession it initially was. The Schnebergs were followed by the houses of Lamberg, Eggenberg, Lichtenberg, and Schönburg-Waldenburg.


Grave markers looted from the ruins of an ancient Roman outpost in Šmarata were incorporated into the castle’s facade. The four-story building is surrounded by a renaissance-era wall. The castle was heavily remodeled in the second half of the 19th century; the majority of the interior furnishings date from this period, as do the castle parkgrounds, which are characterized by numerous meadows connected by riding and walking paths, bordered with numerous chestnut and linden tree rows, and which contain two small artificial lakes filled by Obrh and Brezno creeks.

An engraving in Valvasor’s 1689 The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola depicts Snežnik (as “Schneeperg”); while of generally similar appearance and layout as today, the twin round and diagonally square corner turrets guarding the main gate were then smaller, square wooden watchtowers. The engraving also shows the castle’s defensive ditch had not yet been flooded and was traversed by a simple wooden bridge had instead of a multi-arched stone one.


Kozarišče 1386 Stari trg pri Ložu

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