Viewpoints, hiking Postojna

Sovič hill

Sovič is a 677m high hill above Postojna. You can quickly recognize the hill by the Slovenian flag, constantly fluttering on the top of the hill. On this site once stood the church of St. Ursula. Since churches are usually built on a strategic locations, from here we have a splendid view of Postojna.

On Sovič there are still visible remains of the ancient castle and bunkers from the Second World War. The fact that the Roman coin and prehistoric ceramics were found near the former castle proves that the area was populated even at the time of BC.

Path to Sovič leads through the oldest part of the town of Postojna, Majlont.


Koča Mladika on Pečna reber (733 m)

The ascent to Koča Mladika (the Mladika Cabin) is above all a popular walking path for the locals. Lately, however, it has become an increasingly popular destination for hikers and tourists as well. A nice view of Postojna and its wider surroundings and a snack or refreshment in the Mladika cabin Will not disappoint you. The proximity of the town and a tidy place in the nature are often a scene for concerts. The Access is possible by car, bike or on foot.


Nanos (1313 m)

Nanos is a large karst plateau, which separates the central part of Slovenia from the Slovenian Littoral. The plateau’s highest peak is Suhi vrh (Dry Peak) rising 1313 meters above see level.In fine weather, beautiful views Will open from the top of the Nanos plateau, both in the direction of the Slovenian Alps and the Snežnik hill and the Littoral. Several bike and hiking paths of various levels of difficulty cross the Nanos plateau. On the top (the Pleša peak) you can have a snack in Vojkova koča (the Vojko Cabin).



Sveti Lovrenc – Saint Lawrence (1019 m)

The ascent to Sveti Lovrenc is possible by following different footpaths. On the pass, just under the summit, there is a small, recently recontstructed church od Saint Lawrence. A few benches are set around, where you Will be able to rest a little and refresh yourself with snacks from your backpack. the wiev from the top opens in the directions of the Postojna and Cerknica area and we can see all of the higher peaks in the surrounding area, for example Snežnik, Slivnica and Vremščica.

Source: Green Karst


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