Ravbar tower and Planina Polje

The Planina Polje is a classic example of a karst polje (a karst field) and is the last of its kind in the river basin of Ljubljanica. The Unica river, which springs in the Planina cave, is paving its way across the fild. Due to the field across which is runs, the Unica river is a very suitable and popular destination for fishing (especially fly fishing).


Fishing is not allowed without special permits, which you can bay online (http://www.ribiskekarte.si/) or at fishing societies.

Underground halls, numerous lakes, cave decorations and a confluence of two underground rivers are only a part of the attractions of the karst underground of the Planina Cave. The cave can be visited upon prior agreement. In the proximity of the cave are the remains of the Small Castle, the so-called Ravbar Tower. The mighty round tower has a preserved Gothic chapel in the upper storey. The role of the castle was to protect the important traffic connection between the Ljubljana Basin and the costal region, which leads right through here, through the Postojna Gate.

On the southern edge of the Planina Polje lies the village of Planina. Its special feature are the well-preserved multi-storey houses built in the times when furmanstvo was in full swing. In previus centuries these houses were situated by the Vienna-Trieste main road. Just like Postojna, Planina has been marked throughout history by its position by the important traffic connection.

Above the gorge of the Unica river stands the once mighty Haasberg Castle. The manor once boasted with a wonderful park, which today is only partially preserved. During World War II, the Haasberg manor was burnt down together with the entire inventory, including the archive and the tomb of the Windischgrätz family, who were the last owners of the manor.

Source: Green Karst



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