Prestranek Castle

The Prestranek Castle estate is surrounded by forests, meadows and numerous natural and cultural sights. In written sources, the castle is mentioned from the 16th century onwards. In the 18th century, the Autrian emperor Charles VI bought the castle together with the estate and annexed in to the Lipica Stud Farm. The traditional of horse breeding and activities connected with horses still continues today. On the estate, visitors can see a herd of Icelandic horses (ponies), thay can join the riding school, take part in different camps and workshop. Horse care and accommodation are also available. Within the framework of the estate, there is also an eco-farm, where you can see the cattle of the breed German black Angus, a herbal garden or you can get to know the art of falconary.


The Na Gradu guesthouse can serve you several house specialities and local dishes. The estate also offers accommodation in suites and rent a bike.

Source: Green Karst

The Grad Prestranek estate

Na Gradu 1, 6258 Prestranek

+386 (0)5 7540 595


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